Apple's iPad already has more name recognition than many products that have been around for decades, but a Zogby Interactive poll finds plenty of people not enamored by the name.

Conducted in mid-March, the online poll asked people to rate the "iPad" name on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 denoting "very concise/creative" and 5 denoting "completely unimaginative/bland." Respondents tended more toward an unflattering 4 or 5 (37 percent) than a laudatory 1 or 2 (22 percent). Twenty-five percent rated the name as a middling 3, and 17 percent weren't sure one way or another -- apparently failing to realize that it's the duty of every sentient being to have strong opinions about the iPad.

Respondents in the typically tech-enthused 18-29 age cohort were especially likely to take a dim view of the name "iPad," with 54 percent grading it at a 4 or 5 on Zogby's five-point scale. But it got more negative than positive votes in all age groups.

Another part of the poll asked respondents to opine about the iPad's "starting price of $499." Overall, 55 percent said they think it's "too high," 20 percent said it's "just about right" and 25 percent weren't sure. One percent (Apple shareholders, perhaps) said they think that price is "too low."

On the issue of price, the poll detected a sharp division of opinion between people who are "regular users of Apple computers" and those who are not. Among the regular Apple users, respondents were almost as likely to find the price "just about right" as to say it's "too high" (39 percent vs. 41 percent). Among non-users, the "too high" tally was more than three times as large as the "just about right" vote (58 percent vs. 16 percent).