Name:Tito El Bambino
Title: Artist, a finalist for 18 Billboard Latin Music Awards thanks to his hit "El Amor" from his album "El Patron."
Panel: Rising Above - The Evolution of the Latin Urban Movement (Tuesday, April 27, 4:00pm - 5:00pm)

What's your best anecdote from past Billboard Latin Music Awards?
Many years ago I was the first reggaeton artist from Puerto Rico to get a Billboard award. I was in Hector y Tito and the album was called "A La Reconquista.' I felt really proud because it was a historic moment.

Do you use Twitter? If so, how often?
I love it. [I tweet] when I wake up, when I'm going to do a show, when I'm going to do in-stores.

What needs to change in the Latin music business?
I think the business is great. I'm selling a lot of digital albums, which fascinates me. Some of my fans feel comfortable buying my album digitally, and some are super happy buying it physically rather than digitally. Some buy both. But the most important thing is that labels keep the dream of moving forward. You have to look beyond the problems and say you can do it. Many years ago when I started singing in Puerto Rico in front of two people, I said, I can do it, I can move forward. Now I'm singing in front of a hundred thousand people.

What new opportunities are there for the music business in Puerto Rico?
Puerto Rico has always been a place where physical albums sell the most. There's talent on every corner that wants to come forward. We have to keep promoting digital sales to young people who want digital [music] for the business to keep growing.

What's the story behind "El Amor"?
The song was written by a friend of mine named Joan Ortiz and me. When we were working on the song, the producer Luis Berrios and I worked together on the rhythmic production. [The song] crossed over because of the rhythmic part, which worked not just for one musical format, but for all. Little by little we added rhythms from all genres to the song to be able to get into pop, tropical and urban formats.

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