NARM will hold its first-ever Continuing Legal Education conference as a separate event during the organization's upcoming convention, which will be held May 15- 17 at the Chicago Hilton.

The event, NARM Music Law 2010: Clouds, ISPs and Royalty Challenges, will be presented May 17 in conjunction with the Chicago Bar Assn. and Lawyers for Creative Arts.

The preliminary programming includes, "ISP Liability After Grokster And
Veoh: Are Consumers or Creators Striking Out?"; "Music In The Cloud: Are Deals Getting More Complex – Again?"; "Digital Concert Tickets: Winners And Losers If Tickets Are Personal Non-Transferable Licenses"; and "$350 Million And Rising: Why Is Paying Copyright Owners So Difficult?," which examines the NMPA/RIAA unpaid royalties settlement among other issues.