R&B singer Jill Scott is hitting back at Hidden Beach Records, claiming the indie label caused her millions of dollars in damages for mismanagement of her career, according to legal papers filed in Los Angeles Supreme Court.

Scott's cross-complaint claims breach of contract; tortious interference with contract; accounting; misappropriation of likeness; common law right of publicity; and false advertising under the Lanham Act.

The artist exited the label in October 2009 under the protection of California's seven-year rule, also known as Labor Code Section 2855 or the "De Havilland Law." Named after actress Olivia De Havilland's successful fight in the '40s against long-term studio deals, it provides that talent cannot be bound by personal services contracts, including recording contracts, for more than seven years.

In turn, the LA-based indie label - she recorded for Hidden Beach for 10 years - sued her in February, claiming she walked before fulfilling the terms of her deal. Hidden Beach has released six Jill Scott projects, including live CDs and a DVD, that have scanned 4.7 million units, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

"The allegations contained in Jill's cross-complaint are without merit and apparently meant to distract from what this lawsuit is really all about - Hidden Beach's right to recover damages based on her failure to fulfill her contractual obligations," wrote attorney Lawrence Hinkle, who represents Hidden Beach, in an e-mailed statement to Billboard. "We are truly saddened that Jill has taken this course of action especially since Hidden Beach's extraordinary support of her has been unwavering over the years in helping her achieve her dream of getting to where she is now in her career. Jill's allegations also run to counter to her own previous public and private acknowledgments concerning Hidden Beach and its effectiveness in supporting and advancing her career. Hidden Beach continues to hope that this dispute is resolved soon but until then, it will defend itself vigorously in court."

The artist is seeking compensatory damages, punitive and exemplary damages, an injunction against Hidden Beach from using her name and/or likeness without Scott's permission, and attorney's fees.

Additional reporting from Matthew Belloni.