Indaba Music, an online service that allows artists to collaborate on music projects through virtual jam sessions, today launched a new virtual music studio called Mantis.

The “digital audio workstation” is a cloud-based audio production software system for artists. From the release:

Enabling CD-quality audio (16-bit/44.1K) recording directly to the web, Mantis represents an achievement unmatched by other recording applications, and closes the gap between desktop and cloud based audio software. Featuring non-destructive real-time effects including EQ, compression, flanger and reverb, and an ever-expanding library of more than 10,000 Creative Commons-licensed clips, Mantis is seamlessly integrated into Indaba Music's session and contest platforms.

An earlier version, called Session Console 2.0, was launched next year, but the company says Mantis is faster, more stable and has more options. It’s free to Indaba members. Mantis is already being used by such artists as Matisyahu and Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

After teaming up with Indaba’s international community to remix his track “One Day,” Matisyahu recently chose one lucky winner to collaborate with him on a new song. Similarly, Rivers Cuomo not only enlisted Indaba members to remix Weezer’s song “Love Is the Answer” from the band’s recent album Raditude, but also selected an Indaba Music member to create an entirely new song.

A demo of the Mantis service is available here.