More than 75 music applications have been built over the course of the last year using music recommendation, remixing and playlisting tools from the Echo Nest developer platform. The company is now adding licensed music to its range of services through a deal with Dada Entertainment’s Play.ME service.

The partnership basically allows developers to access the Play.ME catalog when creating apps using the Echo Nest’s technology. Previously, developers would have to separately seek out music licenses after building their apps, the complexity of which Echo Nest CEO Jim Lucchese says results in many useful apps never seeing the light of day.

“The power of third-party developer communities have been locked out of music largely because of the rights issues,” he says. “They don’t know what mechanical rights are. They don’t want to know. They just want to build a great music app and put it in front of the world. We’re now giving developers access to licensed content and an ability to make money on these apps.”

Dada’s Play.ME service is a mobile and Web-based on-demand streaming service that offers 10 free hours of music streaming a month before users are asked to pay a $10 subscription fee, with a catalog that consists of music from Sony, EMI and various indie labels and aggregators. Any apps tapping into its catalog can offer free access to music on those same terms and with the same limitations.

If anyone signs up for the Play.ME service as a result of discovering it through any apps built through the partnership, the Echo Nest gets a bounty, in addition to the flat fee Dada pays for the ability to offer developers this access.

“We’re like an uber affiliate network,” Lucchese says. “So if you want to build a music videogame or build a music Facebook app, you can do it and you can commercialize it and you never need to talk to a lawyer.”

The first few apps in the system at launch include the Playlist Pathfinder (which will create a playlist based on the first and last song they want to hear in 10 songs, such as from Mozart to Metallica, managing the progression along the way); Music Explorer FX (a visual music discovery tool that recommends six artists or album based on every one entered that includes links to videos, bios and blogs); and a Music Trails app for Android mobile phones (an interactive and visual playlist service).