The "Green Day: Rock Band" videogame is not even out yet, and already the folks behind the franchise are looking for their next artist-focused title.

MTV's videogame developer subsidiary Harmonix posted a poll on its developers forum listing of a number of artists that might best make for an artist-specific release.

The company made it clear that the list in no way indicated work was being done on any of them with the following disclaimer: "[T]his poll is not an indication, implication, hint, suggestion, guarantee or promise that Harmonix is going make games based on any or all of the bands listed in this poll."

With that in mind, here is the list, which Harmonix said is merely a "sampling of some of the most requested artists, bands that have been consistently requested since the initial release of Rock Band.":

The Eagles
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd

Results of the poll are not yet known.