Mobile music company mSpot has been hanging in there for years as one of the first trying to bring music to mobile devices, morphing its offerings and business models to stay on track with changes in both technology and usage. Its latest move is into the cloud, offering instant access to user’s music collection from their mobile phones.

The service, also called mSpot, includes a smartphone app initially available only for Android devices, and an online server to which users can upload music that the app can then access. Users can upload a measly 2 GB for free, 10GB for $3 a month and 20 GB for $5 a month.

From the release:
[I]t can upload playlists, coverart, ratings and song information you may have entered using iTunes or Windows Media Player. The application manages your music for you, making automatic updates whenever changes occur in your library, and across different connected devices.

The service is available in private, invite-only beta, which the company expects to open to the public in June.