Day two of the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza featured the world's most famous DJ, David Guetta, in the Big Dog DJ Interview.

Guetta, fresh off the back of an amazing year that has seen him established as a major touring act, told the audience at the dance music conference that his career left him somewhat breathless.

"The last 10 years went pretty well but the last 12 months have been something amazing and I'm now in a position where I'm obliged to review my schedule every two months in order to try and accommodate all the requests I'm getting from other artists," said the French DJ and producer.

"But it's not about me, the most exciting thing is what is going to [happen] with dance music globally. The genre is poised to take over the world."

Guetta also reiterated what Erick Morillo said yesterday (May 26) during the conference.

"Being a DJ is just not enough any more," said Guetta. "You have to be able to make music as well as mix and pick other people's material, that's what gave me my U.S. breakthrough. Working with Black Eyed Peas and Akon resulted in us making music that broke through the usual genre barriers on U.S. radio, with 'Sexy Bitch' and 'I Gotta Feeling' both being played on pop, dance and urban stations."

Guetta's appearance was preceded by the presentation of the remixed version of the IMS Burn Anthem. The track was created by French duo Cassius and then a remix was completed by dance legend Arthur Baker and producer Robin Millar, who has worked with artists including Sade, Peter Gabriel and Fine Young Cannibals.

Commenting on his first time working with Baker, Millar said the dance scene is fascinating. "I get the chance to be a novice again, and working with Arthur was a fantastic experience," he said.

Producer Tommy D made an impassioned plea for the reestablishment of credits on digital files. "Releases are a team effort and if we don't credit all the various people who contribute to a release we are losing something important in terms of the history of our culture," he said. "The people behind an artist deserve respect but it is us the industry that has to fight for the return of credits."

Speaking on the Meet The Future panel, national U.K. top 40 station Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac said she receives the equivalent of a postal sack full of physical releases every week.

"And then there are all the digital files that I'm sent," she said. "It is crazy but I do my best to listen to all of it and then I choose tracks for my show, which are then sent to my producer who will occasionally suggest a change in order, but what you're hearing on the show is very much my idea of banging dancefloor tunes."