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-- A source close to Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts (KKR) denied to the Financial Times the buyout firm has been in talks with Terra Firma. “There are no discussions between KKR/BMG and Terra Firma about KKR/BMG buying a minority stake in EMI music publishing,” the person said. But the article made clear Terra Firma is pushing the idea as a way to raise cash and avoid defaulting on its Citigroup debt. On Thursday the New York Post reported that KKR was in talks with Terra Firma to buy a minority stake in EMI Music Publishing. (Financial Times)

- But it appears there were discussion between KKR and Terra Firma. A Bloomberg article claims KKR ended discussions to buy some or all of EMI Group Ltd. From Terra Firma. (Bloomberg)

-- A typical video gets half its total views over a six-day period. Judging from the shape of the curve (follow link for graph), the average video’s half-life was actually a bit lower in 2008. The logical explanation for the six-day half life is that very few videos break out and become viral. Once a video goes viral, its useful life is extended as more people view it. But if the video goes online and does not go viral, it dies a quick death. (Silicon Alley Insider)

-- Wolfgang's Vault is now making its live concert recordings available for streaming on Boxee, the home theater platform. This development is a continuation of the innovative loss-leader strategy Wolfgang’s Vault has long employed at its web site. By giving away free streams from its collection of live recordings, it builds traffic that it converts into sales of concert memorabilia. Wolfgang’s Vault is rooted in the purchase of the late Bill Graham’s archives when Clear Channel spun off Live Nation (SFX had acquired Bill Graham Presents, and Clear Channel acquired SFX). In 2006, the company acquired the King Biscuit tape archive. In 2008, Wolfgang’s Vault purchased a majority stake in Daytrotter, a website that offers in-studio live recordings of popular indie rock groups. (Press release)

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