The Coca-Cola company was required to credit the songwriter who wrote the Spanish language version of it’s World Cup campaign song, “Wavin’ Flag.”

According to a preliminary injunction granted in part by U.S. District Judge Michael Moore, Coca-Cola—in advertising, selling, distributing or otherwise disseminating the song “Wavin’ Flag (Coca-Cola Spanish Celebration Mix), performed by K’naan and David Bisbal—must credit Spanish songwriter Rafael “Rafa” Vergara whenever his Spanish language lyrics are used. In the addition, the original English composer of the song is also to be credited.

However, the court also deemed the injunction requested was “unduly burdensome” and crafted a more narrow injunction that, for example, doesn’t require Coca-Cola to credit Vergara in TV commercials. In addition, although Vergara also sought attorney’s fees and costs, the court denied this.

The case, which was ruled on June 2 in Miami, stems from a dispute that arose over whether Vergara had been contracted as a work for hire for his version of the song. Vergara sought songwriter credit for his Spanish version of the song, and when this wasn’t granted, he filed the motion seeking an injunction preventing Coca-Cola from using his Spanish-version of the song in its World Cup campaign, unless credit was provided. The preliminary injunction does not grant Vergara monies from use of the song.

Vergara is an established songwriter who has written or co-written songs for many top Latin acts.