Rocker Gustavo Cerati was flown to his native Argentina June 7 and is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit of FLENI, a center that specializes in neurological disorders.

The 50-year-old Cerati, who was long the frontman of Soda Stereo (with whom he reunited to tour in 2007), suffered cerebral ischemia and collapsed following a concert in Caracas, Venezuela.

Physical exams revealed “extensive brain damage. The patient is unconscious. He breaths on his own, but still requires respiratory assistance,” read a statement from FLENI’s Medical Director, published on Cerati’s website. According to the site, a brain CatScan showed an extensive stroke on the artist’s left cerebral hemisphere.

Updates on Cerati’s condition will be provided when available, but change is expected to be slow.

Cerati performed May 15 as part of his "Fuerza Natural" tour, named for the album released last year on Sony Music. Cerati has been hospitalized in Caracas since then, with his website providing updates about his medical condition.

As a member of Soda Stereo, Cerati fronted one of the most successful rock groups in Latin America before launching a successful solo career in 1999. Cerati's "Fuerza Natural" tour had already taken him to eight countries, including the United States and Mexico, prior to his Venezuela stop.

Last December, Sony tested its Music Ticket + program with a Dec. 19 Cerati show in Buenos Aires, where fans who bought tickets received a card with a special code that enabled them to download the album for free. According to a Billboard report, of the approximately 15,000 fans who attended the show, 47% of them downloaded the album, underscoring the loyalty of Cerati's fanbase.