YouTube’s new online video editor looks like it could make user-generated videos even more mainstream. It’s easy to use, takes advantage of YouTube’s existing user base by operating within YouTube and it provides users with pre-approved songs.

The drag-and-drop editor creates new videos based on two components: the user’s collection of YouTube videos and a catalog of audio provided by YouTube’s AudioSwap library.

Users can take videos they have uploaded to YouTube, edit them and fit the pieces together to create a new, longer video. The editor is an entry level tool – there is no cropping, for example, only trimming either side of a video clip. As YouTube points out, the editor is great for trimming long videos by removing unwanted footage.

The existing audio of each of the videos can be replaced with audio from tracks supplied by YouTube – although only one YouTube audio track can be used per video. The catalog of audio tracks is vast, so it’s helpful that YouTube allows browsing by genre and artist. The selected song starts at the beginning and plays until the video clip is over – no editing of the audio. There are a few recognizable names in the AudioSwap library but most are unfamiliar artists. For this online editor to have great appeal, the catalog will need far more familiar artists and/or better ways to find artists likely to be familiar to any one user.

For more information on AudioSwap, read this page at YouTube’s help forum.

Here is the instructional video posted today at the official YouTube’s blog: