The big news out of this year’s E3 was of course the new hardware platforms that will drive the next few years of game innovation. But for the more immediate future, it’s all about the games. Here’s a roundup of the music-related games making waves at the convention, with first-person reviews and hands-on previews where available:

Rock Band 3
Engadget has the hands-on preview. Also, check out the video demo from the Harmonix development team on G4.

Dance Central
IGN calls it a “simple concept, but with a solid music list,” in its hands-on (or feet on?) demo.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
NZGamer gives props to the song-sorting menu and the whopping 90-song soundtrack, but says it may seem dated next to the new Rock Band 3.

DJ Hero 2
GameSpot has the video demo with the dev team, stressing the social gaming aspects.

DefJam Rapstar
Joystiq gets a hands-on demo, rocking Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

Karaoke Revolution: Glee
Coming out this fall via a partnership with Fox. No demo or video yet.

1UP likes the game’s ability to record your entire dance set, which based on the YouTube video from the press conference here, may not be that great a thing to share.

SingStar Dance
Not to let Microsoft’s Kinect get all the motion-gaming fun, Sony’s exclusive SingStar title adds dancing to karaoke for its Move platform.

Just Dance 2
Ubisoft’s follow-up to the hit Just Dance is detailed by Gamer Daily News. Video trailer available here.

Michael Jackson
Still no details, but here’s GameTrailer’s video from the Ubisoft press conference.

Rock of the Dead
Developed in conjunction with Rob Zombie, this game uses Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers to play an action game. You need to play the right notes to kill the zombies. Joystiq has the preview.

PowerGig: Rise of the SixString
A small developer like Seven45 Studios has its work cut out for it to take on Rock Band and Guitar Hero. But Engadget says the quality of the game stands a chance at making an impact. Video demo from an earlier conference here.

Other E3 Music news:
- Method Man & Redman made their presence known in the Konami booth long before they took the stage in support of DJ Rapstar. The private demo room where they were holding court generated plumes of pot smoke as the two practiced the game.

- Ice-T will be voicing a character in the upcoming Gears of War 3.

- David Guetta did his own motion capture for DJ Hero 2. The suit, he said, was “unflattering.”