The MOG music service is coming to a living room near you, thanks to a just-announced deal with Roku. The deal makes the MOG subscription service available to owners of Roku’s streaming media devices. See the overview here.

The Roku device is designed and marketed primarily as a way to stream movies from Netflix to a connected TV, which MOG’s senior VP of business development Drew Denbo says is the perfect beachhead to get its music service in front of consumers already showing a willingness to pay for streaming entertainment.

“We chose the Roku box because it’s actually done really well in sales,” he says. “Netflix is pushing it really hard, so we thought it’s a really good first platform to go out to.”

Pricing on the Roku: After a three-day trial, users must pay either $5 a month for the basic subscription or $10 to access it on mobile phones via a soon-to-be-released smartphone app.

MOG’s not alone on the Roku platform. Both Pandora and Rhapsody are compatible with Roku devices as well.