The Pandora personalized Internet radio service famously reached the scale it has today largely though a smart mobile strategy.

The company’s CTO Tom Conrad discussed where Pandora went right and where it went wrong in its mobile implementation at a recent “San Francisco Tech Talks” event, the video of which cam be found here.

Offering a good text based summary is GigaOM, which points out the highlights:

- From once saying that Pandora needed to develop to Google’s Android platform like it needed “a hole in the head,” Conrad notes that the Android app is actually now responsible for more traffic than the RIM app, and is gaining ground on the iPhone app.

- The one RIM device Pandora ignored is now responsible for 60% of RIM-bases installations, thanks to an enterprising employee.

- Developing mobile apps in-house rather than outsourcing to a developer is essential for control and quality.