The will-they-or-won’t-they dance between Apple and Verizon Wireless continues with renewed speculation that the mobile operator will soon begin selling the popular iPhone.

This time, the reports come from Bloomberg, which cites unnamed sources "familiar with the plans." The article points to January of next year as the likely timeframe for Verizon to begin offering the phone.

AT&T to date has retained exclusive rights to sell the iPhone since it went on sale in 2007, which has led to widespread consumer complaints about its network. Content usage on the iPhone is heavier than that of other mobile phones, and AT&T’s network has been taxed at times to meet the rising demand. Most recently, it eliminated the unlimited data play typically attached to the iPhone in favor of a tiered model based on usage.

The upside for content companies is that a new U.S. mobile operator selling the iPhone means more potential consumers of their app and content. There’s no telling whether Verizon won’t suffer the same problems as AT&T once its subscribers migrate to the iPhone. But with more than 90 million subscribers, not to mention the AT&T customers likely to take a grass-is-always-greener approach and switch providers, Verizon represents a fertile new market.

RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramski predicts Verizon could sell as many as 6 million iPhones next year if it starts doing so in the first quarter, based on 28% of existing Verizon smartphone owners switching to the device and 45% of new smartphone buyers opting for the device over the other smartphones it currently offers.