The ability to sell concertgoers a recording of the show they just saw isn’t anything new. Nor is the practice of selling those recordings on USB drives instead of burning CDs. But Aderra, a provider of live concert recording and distribution technology, is blending these capabilities with other content to sell more than just a one-off recording.

Its new USB Dogtags combine a live recording of any individual show, past studio albums, photos and more. Moreover, once the USB drive is plugged into a computer, it registers with the band online using the company’s PushOvr technology to receive exclusive updates for more content, such as remixes, more live recordings, videos and more. The first band taking advantage is DIY garage-pop band Killola.

From the release: Fans who purchase the Killola USB dogtag receive not only the band’s new album, Let’s Get Associated, but also their previous studio albums (Louder! Louder! [2006] and I Am The Messer [2008]). In addition, when fans plug the USB drive into their computer, they also receive exclusive updates from the band including new songs, remixes, live recordings, music videos and photos. For example, once the band feels that a new song is ready to be sent to their fans, they can upload it onto their USB network, which then distributes it instantly to USB owners. Planned for debut on Thursday, July 22nd is the first streaming video of a “truly” live performance, which will be broadcast simultaneously worldwide and accessible only to fans with the USB.