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2. Alexa Ray Joel
Alexa was on the Howard Stern show this morning to promote her new single “Notice Me.”
9. Spinal Tap
It is unclear why ”Spinal Tap” is currently trending.

YouTube Most Viewed Today
1. Katy Perry California Girls Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed Lyrics Shakira She Wolf Lady Gaga Telephone
2. Aslaha Btefre' New Single Official TV Promo - AMR DIAB
3. Bottoms Up- Trey Songz Feat. Nicki Minaj!
4. Sean Kingston - Behind The Scenes "My World Tour" w/Justin Bieber
5. Usher - There Goes My Baby (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
6. FlipTop - Batas vs Fuego pt.1
7. Rytmus - Záhadná
8. FlipTop - Batas vs Fuego pt.2
9. SE7EN - TEASER for New EP Album
10. Ligabue - "13/07/2010 STADIO FRANCHI - FIRENZE" (Speciale Tour)

Youtube Most Viewed This Week
1. Nelly Furtado - Bajo Otra Luz ft. La Mala Rodriguez
4. Katy Perry - Ask Katy
5. Lady Gaga Teeth Live on The Today Show
6. Schweinsteiger charlaba con la prensa, mientras los españoles festejaban.
7. TAEYANG (SOL of BIGBANG) - I need a girl (featuring G-DRAGON) [HD]
8. VEVO - Step Up 3D: Behind the Moves, Pt. 1
9. VEVO Usher - There Goes My Baby
10. All Time Low - Alejandro (Lady GaGa cover) (+download link!)

Digg Music Video 24 Hours
No music videos currently trending on Digg.

Digg Music Video 7 Days
1. Tik Tok and California Gurls are the same song?
2. 'Double Rainbow' Freakout Auto-tuned by The Gregory Brothers
3. Nine Inch Fever: NIN vs. Saturday Night Fever (Video)
4. Crazy Old DJ Rocks The Party (Video)

Digg Music News 24 hours
1. RIAA paid more than $16,000,000 to recover only $391,000!!!
2. New Beatles Pictures Revealed [pics]

Digg Music News 7 Days
1. RIAA paid more than $16,000,000 to recover only $391,000!!!
2. Who's Getting Paid In The Music Industry [Graphic]
3. Snoop Dogg Tried To Rent Liechtenstein
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7. 5 Things That are 'Over,' But Not Going Anywhere Soon
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9. New Beatles Pictures Revealed [pics]