If you’re a new company looking for the right place to launch your brand, or even an established company with a new service to tout, then Billboard wants to hear from you.

For the next two weeks, Billboard is taking applications for companies interested in presenting their new technology, product or service at the upcoming Mobile Entertainment Live: The Music App Summit.

Five companies selected by Billboard’s editorial team and an advisory board of mobile and music industry experts will have the opportunity to give 10 minute presentations as part of the Innovators Showcase panel, before a crowd of executives from record labels, mobile operators and device manufacturers, venture capitalists, and application developers who all looking for the next hot innovation.

If this sounds a lot like MidemNet Lab or TechCrunch 50 or Disrupt or Demo or any of the many other conferences focused on new startups, that’s because it is. Only this opportunity is focused more specifically on mobile music. Presenting companies don’t have to be music-specific, but must have some utility for the music industry to be relevant.

The deadline for submissions is Aug. 3.

We’ve assembled a team of advisors to help us sort through the entries and select which companies will be asked to present. They are:
Tim Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic
Alan Goodstadt, Partner, Redwood Capital
David Kusek, VP, Berkleee College of Music
Paul Vidich, Media Consultant and Independent Advisor: ReverbNation, MediaNet, BrightCove, Melodeo, and more
Brian Zisk, co-founder, SFMusicTech, Collecta and Future of Music Coalition

Click here to apply.

Mobile Entertainment Live: The Music App Summit is taking place Oct. 5 in San Francisco, where Billboard is also hosting its first ever Music App Awards, designed to showcase the most innovative mobile music apps of the year (applications for which are also due by the end of the month). The Innovators Showcase panel is different in that we’re not looking for apps, but rather the technologies and services app developers can incorporate into their future products.

There’s a lot of exciting and innovative companies out there that we want to hear from - don’t be shy.