Kazaa is back. The former peer-to-peer music service has relaunched as a cloud-based streaming service with access to 1.6 million songs and 1 million song lyrics.

There's not much that initially sets the new Kazaa apart from other services in this space, and the smaller catalog will prove a challenge. But the lyrics feature is a nice touch, particularly the search function.

There’s a seven-day free trial, and then is $15 a month after that. It’s a beta launch, meaning changes and additions could be in the works. It’ll need them, as the service, at this point, is not nearly as innovative as its competitors.

Kazaa was founded by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, both of whom are now backing the newly launched Rdio cloud-based subscription service.

Here’s the full release:
Kazaa is quickly returning to the forefront of the digital music experience with the beta release of its cloud based music streaming application allowing consumers unlimited access to over 1.6 million tracks and 1 million song lyrics.

Kazaa’s new application puts consumers in charge of the music they want, when they want it and then allows them to immerse their whole experience within an on-line community through the integration of the latest social media capabilities.

Emanuel Krassenstein, Kazaa’s CTO said, “While there is no shortage of smart devices in the market until Kazaa’s launch no-one was offering music consumers the opportunity to fully integrate their music into their lives and social networks.”

The Kazaa music service is accessible via a web browser, the consumers play lists, favorite artists, songs, genre’s and profiles are harmoniously synced and stored securely in the clouds allowing subscribers to access their music how they want it and when they want it. Kazaa supercharges the music experience for consumers, by streaming at the optimal speed for listening quality with the Kazaa Music Player.

The ability to share play lists with friends or the on-line community has been enhanced allowing customers to become on-line DJ’s. Music discovery is also enabled by a Real Time “Explore” feature, that instantaneously tracks and displays what music is being played, added to play lists or added to favorite lists throughout the Kazaa site.

In keeping with the mission to return control of the music to fans and artists, Kazaa’s API facilitates access to music interaction data allowing developers to create exciting new music interfaces.

“The interactive experience is focused on giving consumers music on their terms which will result in more content being delivered and more revenue being generated for artists,” said Emanuel Krassenstein.

More to come! Kazaa’s beta offering of our cloud based music streaming application and everything that comes with it signals our commitment to continue developing new product offerings and services at full speed. Consumers and artists can expect continual advancements to the Kazaa service into the future as we take the lead.