Songkick has launched content partnerships with YouTube and Vevo, co-founder and CEO Ian Hogarth exclusively revealed to Billboard. These and other content syndication deals are helping to make the young London-based company a player in online concert information.

As of this week, visitors to YouTube’s music portal ( will see a Songkick-powered list of concerts in the “Events Near You” section on the right side of the page. The list is based on the location of the visitors.Hogarth hinted more integration at YouTube may be on the way but did not share details.

The Vevo partnership was soft-launched last month. Songkick concert listings will be added to both artist, says Hogart. Video pages will also have concert information. Currently, the Vevo page for Lady Gaga, for example, has “buy concert tickets” link and the “on tour” banner (on Lady Gaga photo) that both take the user to Songkick. On the page for Justin Bieber’s “One Time” there is also an “on tour” box with links to back to the site.

“From our point of view, this is one step closer to making it incredibly easy to find local concerts, whether you’re on Songkick or on another site discovering music,” says Hogarth, adding that these deals came from a mutual desire to create a better experience for music fans.

“So far it seems really good,” he says. “It’s kind of early days, but it seems like a very significant number of people are coming through, finding out more about the show, buying tickets, etc.”

The three-year-old, London-based company is picking up momentum these days. Songkick currently has 1.3 million concert goers per month, says Hogarth. Concert data is gathered daily from over 100 ticket sites around the world and is augmented by the contributions of Songkick users.

The company also has content partnerships with The Hype Machine, Songbird, We Are Hunted, Grooveshark, Nokia and BBC. In addition, Songkick has made its first U.S. hire. Caren Kelleher, formerly of Paste Magazine and Sony Music, will head the company’s U.S. business development.