Microsoft is hoping to draw more attention to its Bing search engine by sponsoring live performances at a newly-branded venue in Portland called the Bing Lounge.

The venue is a partnership with Alpha Broadcasting, which owns several local radio stations in the area. The company will book the performances and promote the concerts to its listeners. Bing meanwhile has the naming rights and retains exclusive rights to all online rebroadcasts of the performances, with plans to post videos on the Bing Video portion of the entertainment section of the search engine.

Participating acts announced to date include Five for Fighting, Melissa Etheridge, Crowded House and the Doobie Brothers, with up to 80 expected over the course of the next year. The venue seats 164, and is wired for video capture to get footage up within 24 hours after each performance.

“We’re very focused on making Bing Video be a really exciting place for people to come, and have it be one of the broadest catalogs of video content on the Web,” says Bing manager of marketing Danielle Tiedt. “One way is to catalog all the video that is out there currently, and the other is to add exclusive video footage like the Bing Lounge.”