Reunited band mates Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow turned back the clock today (Aug. 26) when the Take That pair gave their first joint interview in 15 years on national Top 40 network BBC Radio 1.

Radio 1 also gave the world premiere to the Williams/Barlow duet "Shame" - the first single to be lifted from Williams' forthcoming greatest hits collection "In And Out Of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010" (Virgin/EMI), which is released Oct. 11.

"Shame," which contains lyrics alluding to the pair's, at times, acrimonious estrangement, receives a U.K. Oct. 4 release with the ballad's video -- a tongue-in-cheek parody of "Brokeback Mountain" -- currently streaming on Williams' official website.

During the interview, which was broadcast on the Chris Moyles Show, Williams told listeners that he nearly turned down the initial invitation to meet up with his former Take That band mates - Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Howard Donald -- in L.A. last year.

He said: "I was very nervous because there were four of them. I came so close to not going because I had toothache that night and I'd just taken a painkiller."

"I was quite large as well, and I thought I can't go mumbling, looking like Elvis," Williams went on to say, adding that his recent decision to re-join the band that he walked out on in 1995 was "the start of a very magical 18 months that we've had since then, writing songs together, getting to know each other."

As previously reported, Take That will release an as-yet-untitled new album featuring all five original members in November. The reunited band plans to tour in the summer of next year, Barlow told Radio 1's Moyles but the reunion is likely to be only temporary.

"This is our 20th year for all of us this year," Barlow told listeners. "So to do a one-off album, and maybe a one-off tour would be a great thing this year. We all agreed that unless it was a great record we wouldn't even go there and we've got a great record."

"I think once we've done that Rob will go back to being Rob and we'll go back to being a four, I think it'll resume to how it was," Barlow went on to say. ‏