Venezuela, Brazil and Indonesia are the three countries with the highest Twitter penetration, according to a comScore report released earlier this month. The report on twitter growth worldwide found that nearly 93 million Internet users visited in June 2010, a 109% increase from the previous year. It also found that Indonesia was the country with the highest twitter penetration, with 20.8% of Internet users there visiting the site. It was followed by Brazil (20.5%) and Venezuela (19%). Venezuela's growth was attributed in part to president Hugo Chavez's joining twitter in April.

Worldwide, Latin America was the global region with the strongest Twitter growth, surging 305% to 15.4 million users. Asia Pcific followed with a 243% jump to 25.1 million users; Middle East and Africa grew 142% to 5 million users and Europe grew 106% to 22.5 million users. In North America, where twitter use is more established, growth was 22% to nearly 25 million visitors in June.