John Mayer took to his blog today (Aug. 26) to rip news source The Huffington Post after the site posted a small article this afternoon suggesting that the singer had reunited with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston.

Mayer posted part of the front page item, titled "John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston Back Together?," which quotes the singer proclaiming "I believe in second chances!" and looking at a woman who resembled Aniston waiting in the wings during a concert at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (Aug. 22).

"Huffington Post, this is reporting? How do you pay your writers now, in Silly Bandz?" Mayer writes in a blog post linked to his Twitter. The singer admits that he may have said the "second chances" line at some point during the concert, but alleges that the site combined the lyrics to his song "Half of My Heart" with an unrelated line later in a show to create a salacious quote. "This is equal parts fabricated, cobbled together and misleading," writes Mayer.

The singer says that his outrage is due to the hard-news reputation associated with The Huffington Post, unlike the usual tabloids running rumors about his personal life. "Those other rags know who they are, and even if they're obnoxious, I'd rather have to live with them because they (and the rest of the world) know where they stand, which doesn't make them one tenth as dangerous as you are," says Mayer.

Mayer and the "Friends" actress split in March 2009. While The Huffington Post posted part of Mayer's response to the piece, the site wrote that Mayer "does not deny that he and Aniston are dating" in the blog post.