Tap Tap Revenge 3

Like other iterations of Tapulous' music-game franchise, this one lets users tap their touchscreen phone along to the music provided. New features include the ability to play against others online, a library of more than 100 songs and the ability to download new music from within the app regularly, totaling 20 million downloads.
Twitter: @Tapulous


SoundHound Infinity

The music ID app not only tells users what song is playing at a given time, but also songs listeners hum for it. It links to YouTube videos and Pandora radio stations, includes share and buy links, provides lyrics for each song and offers charts, artists databases and music recommendations. It even works with music stored on the iPhone.

Twitter: @SoundHound

Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift

From developer Fried Green Apps, this app breaks artist's songs into eight separate tracks. Users then choose from 20 alternate instrumentations to remix hundreds of different versions of each song, as well as record their own vocals or instruments. These mixes can then be saved and shared with others.
Twitter: @FriedGreenApps

Click here to download a demo of the app.


50s Sound Lab, Vitamin Water

Using its Romplr technology, Skyrockit developed this app that lets users remix 50-Cent's "Baby by Me" as part of an app meant to drive awareness of Vitamin Water. It drew more than 250,000 downloads with an average of 5.4 minutes of engagement time in the first two weeks after launch. In the three months the campaign ran, more than 1 million remixes were made.
Twitter: @50cent


ZOOZbeat Sprite

Customers who bought a bottle of Sprite were given under-the-cap codes to download customized beats to use with the ZOOZbeat app, allowing users to create their own music on their iPhones, as well as a Sprite-branded version of the app itself. The app lets users create music by tapping, shaking and tilting the phone.

Twitter: @zoozbeat

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

Gibson Guitars partnered with Legacy Learning Systems on this app, which combines on-screen guitar lessons and tablatures with a chromatic tuner, a chord library and a metronome. Includes full-length video lessons, links to printable resources and access to the website. Since launch, it's been downloaded more than 1.7 million times.
Twitter: @gibsonguitar


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