Apple is getting into the social network business with the introduction of its music-centric service called "Ping." At Wednesday's press event in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the newest iteration of iTunes, known as iTunes 10, will include a social network for music to let users share and discover music with their friends.

"In iTunes 10 we're announcing a social network for music, sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes," he said. "It's a social network all about music. You can follow your favorite artists and friends."

Ping is designed to complement a slew of new iPods rolling out next week – upgrades to the Shuffle, Nano and iTouch -- "the biggest change in the iPod lineup ever," according to Jobs. Ping is available to 160 million iTunes users in more than 23 countries, Jobs said. He demonstrated the service, which operates similarly to Facebook, letting users post comments on other users' music-centric updates and song preferences.

Jobs also announced at the press conference that the company will roll out an upgrade of the operating system behind the iPad in November.

The upgrade will bring multitasking, a new game center and wireless printing to the popular tablet. It's been rumored that Apple will introduce a reboot of its Apple TV device at the event, held at the YBCA Theater in San Francisco.

The announcement was highly anticipated since no one had a true indication of what Jobs and the tech company would unveil.

Additional reporting by David Ciminelli

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