It turned out that today's announcement was all about social, as Apple announced Ping, the "social network all about music." Below, a round-up from the Web.

-- A preview of the Ping social network in action on iOS. [Techcrunch]

-- "This is really bad news for MySpace, which is trying to rebuild itself around music." [SAI]

-- "The smart touch is that celebrity member pages and everyone else’s pages look almost exactly alike. It makes Lady GaGa seem more accessible, and also plays to regular people’s desires to be seen as equally important.

The smarter touch: You need iTunes to use it. You can’t access it with a browser.

Apple doesn’t appear to be trying to create a Facebook competitor. Apple’s goal is to boost sales of iTunes music and videos, by enabling what techies call discovery." [NYTimes]

-- "In the realm of sharing music, Ping could be the kind of game changer that Apple has proven itself capable of creating, a beefed-up network that not only records and broadcasts all a listener's musical habits, but in one fell swoop also makes those habits available for friends and fans to admire -- or dismiss." [Pop & Hiss]

-- "Ping has significant advantages against other music-oriented social networks, such as Rdio and, which must fight desperately to make an impression on users who already have Facebook and Twitter accounts. And because iTunes is already built around commerce, Ping launches with access to the 160 million-plus credit card numbers already stored there from people who have already bought something — something that Twitter and Facebook lack.

Ping could easily be the opening gambit in a bid to create a wider network around the other premium creative content available through iTunes — movies, TV shows, books and other print media. After all, the iPod started out music-only as well, and now its high-end model does almost everything an iPhone does." [Wired]