The Echo Nest and UK music service 7digital have teamed up to give music app developers a comprehensive technology and music sales platform on which to build new services.

The deal adds the ability to sell DRM-free MP3 files from 7digital to any applications built on the Echo Nest’s music intelligence technology platform. The Echo Nest’s technology provides things like music ID features, remixing capability, and recommendation engines to developers who want to add such abilities to their apps. With 7digital, they can now offer digital music sales as well, basically acting as an affiliate of 7digital rather than requiring them to strike licensing deals with the labels and publishers. Developers will simply receive an affiliate fee from 7digital for each track sold.

Echo Nest CEO Jim Lucchese is a featured keynote speaker at Billboard’s upcoming Mobile Entertainment Live: The Music App Summit, taking place Oct. 5 in San Francisco. For more details, please visit