According to a new online video usage report compiled by video platform Brightcove and video analytics firm TubeMogul, the number of music videos streamed from artist or label websites dropped 40% in the second quarter of this year. The study specifically names as a likely factor. However, overall video streams from label and artist websites are up 13% year over year.

It’s difficult to tell what this data means for Warner Music Group’s focus on driving more viewers to its artists websites. The 40% drop could very easily be the result of Vevo stakeholders Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment driving traffic to Vevo over individual artist sites. The report contains no data specific to each label.

However if Vevo is acclimating music video fans to seek out content on Vevo rather than going to artists’ websites, that in the long term could hurt Warner’s efforts, as most fans don’t know which label their favorite acts belong to and may simply visit Vevo to find everything they’re interested in.

Other interesting stats from the report include:
-- The volume of unique viewers accessing online video grew across all media verticals in Q2 by an average of 2.8 percent per month compared to .05 percent month-over-month growth in Q1.

-- Viewers watched 11.8 percent more videos per month in Q2 than last quarter, and the average viewing time per video stream was 2:00 minutes.

-- Magazine website and pure-play Web media properties had the highest overall completion rates per video view.

-- For the majority of media verticals, viewers watching videos via off-site player embeds tend to watch fewer minutes per stream than on-site viewers.

-- Facebook and Twitter generate the most engaged viewing audiences for online video