There is perhaps no country closer—or further—from Latin America than Brazil, a placed joined to its neighboring countries by geography and ethnicity but separated by language. The division also exists in music, with few Spanish-speaking artists gaining long-term success in Brazil, and conversely, with few Brazilian artists gaining real traction in the continent, unless they record in Spanish.

Now, in an effort to stimulate the promotion of Spanish language music in Brazil, Day 1 Entertainment Brazil, the concert promotion and artist development arm of the record label, will produce a music festival featuring artists from around the continent. The Telefonica Sonidos Festival Mundo Latino, sponsored by giant telecommunications company Telefonica, takes place Sept. 21-25 at Sao Pablo’s Jockey Club and will feature performances by the likes of Fito Paez, Calle 13, María Rita, Pedro Aznar and Gonzalo Ruvalcaba among many others. Artists will perform on a jazz stage that seats 1,000 and on a pop/rock stage that accommodates 8,000. Telefónica is promoting the festival through various platforms and with a heavy media push in radio, TV and online.

“The idea was to create a promotional platform for Latin artists in Brazil and to get people used to listening to music in Spanish,” says festival founder Alexandre Schiavo, president of Sony Music Brazil/Day 1, who created the event after working with multiple Latin acts throughout North and South America.

“We want to generate a cultural discussion on how best to bring Latin culture to Brazil, and for example, even have a radio frequency that permanently plays music in Spanish,” he adds.

Although the “Mundo Latino” fest is being promoted by Day 1 which is selling tickets to the event, not all artists are Sony artists, nor was it a requirement for an act to have recorded in Portuguese. Schiavo says future editions of the festival may travel outside Brazil.

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