Awareness and usage of mobile apps still have a long way to go according to a study being released tomorrow from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, in conjunction with data gained from a Nielsen survey.

While 35% of U.S. adults have apps installed on their phones, only 24% actually use them, according to the report. Another 11% of mobile phone owners aren’t sure if their phone is equipped to download apps.

While music apps rank fifth behind games, news/weather, maps/search and social networking in terms of apps downloaded (43%), it ranks rather lower in terms of apps actually used (coming in 7th at 33%).

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Other key findings include:
· 82% of American adults have cell phones.

· 29% of adult cell phone users have downloaded an app to their phone, including 13% who have paid to download an app. In addition, 38% of adult cell phone users have purchased a phone with pre-loaded apps. That comes to 43% of cell owners who have apps on their phones and 23% of cell owners have both pre-loaded and downloaded apps on their cell phones.

· 11% of cell owners do not know if they have apps on their phones or not. Older cell users are more likely not to know some of their phone’s capabilities.

· 29% of cell owners say they have used some of the apps on their phones. Yet apps use does not rank at the top of non-voice cell phone activities people use on the handhelds. More than seven in ten cell owners take pictures on their phones (76%) and use their phones to send/receive text messages (72%).

· Among cell phone users with apps, the average adult has 18 apps on his or her phone. Some 18% of cell phone users with apps on their phones do not know how many they have.

· 29% of adult cell phone users have download apps. As with the apps-using population as a whole, downloaders are younger, more educated, and disproportionately male when compared with the total U.S. adult population. Apps users are mostly male (57% male v. 43% female), and are more likely than other adults and other cell phone users to be college graduates (39%) and to have incomes of $75,000 or more (36%).

· 18-29 year-olds make up only 23% of the total U.S. adult population but constitute almost half (44%) of the apps using population. In contrast, while 41% of the adult population is age 50 and older, that age group makes up just 14% of apps users.

· 47% of apps downloaders have paid for an app, with the remainder saying they only download apps that are free. This means that one in eight adult cell phone users (13%) has paid to download an app, with most paying less than $3.

· Cell phone screen real estate is valuable for some users. Majorities of apps users say they organize their apps so that the most frequently used are easily accessible (59%), and that they delete apps from their phones that are not useful or helpful (56%).