Lawyers for AEG are responding to the lawsuit filed yesterday by Michael Jackson's mother blaming the event promotion giant for Michael's death.

The allegations in the suit are "inaccurate, unsubstantiated and meritless," according to a statement released by AEG's legal team.

AEG also takes issue with the lawsuit's characterization of its relationship with Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray.

"Dr. Murray was Michael's personal physician," the statement says. "Michael wanted him to go to London and asked AEG to pay for him as an expense of the tour. We would have preferred to hire a doctor in London, as it would have been more cost effective, but Michael insisted on Dr. Murray."

The lawsuit, filed by Michael's mother Katherine Jackson on behalf of the family, seeks unspecified damages on causes of action for breach of contract, negligent hiring, fraud and negligent infliction of emotional distress.