French body HADOPI, launched by the government to handle the three-strike system, is about to file its first warning messages, a spokesperson confirmed to today (Sept. 23).

HADOPI's rights protection committee CPD has already filed a number of requests - HADOPI declined to reveal the quantity - to several ISPs in order to get the identity of the end users behind IP addresses used for online infringements, as reported by rights holders.

Under the scheme defined by the government, rights holders track online infringements and report the related IP addresses to the CPD, which can then request the ID of the end users concerned from their ISP.

The CPD can then decide to send the user a warning message by email (through the ISP again), or through a registered letter in case of repeat infringement. In case of a third infringement within 18 months, the CPD will submit the file to a judge who can order a fine of up to €1,500 ($2,000) for the offender or get his Internet access suspended for a month to a year.

The CPD has two months to issue a warning message after a rights holder has reported an online infringement - if the case proves relevant to CPD's eyes. HADOPI's spokesperson told the first reports by rights holders were made on Aug. 15, which means that the first warning messages will be sent by Oct. 15 at the latest.

However, Billboard understands the first messages will actually be sent within the coming days.