The bad blood between online music video upstart Vevo and stalwart MTV may reach new levels, as Vevo reportedly is planning to launch a TV network for its content as well.

The New York Post, citing Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff, says a Vevo TV channel would offer music videos, live performances and archived footage, but there are no distribution deals confirmed at this time.

Meanwhile, Vevo is working to extend its online service to TVs through Web-connected devices, such HDTVs, cable set-top boxes, Apple TV.

Obviously this is seen as Vevo further stepping on MTV's toes. But it's worth noting that MTV's cable programming has moved primarily to unscripted television and leaving most of its music video programming to the Web. However there will be enough overlap to cause more sparks between the two companies.

Universal Music Group - which conceived the Vevo service and is part owner of the joint venture along with Sony Music - last month pulled its content from MTV's websites after MTV failed to reach a syndication and advertising revenue-sharing deal with Vevo. The two have also gone tit for tat on the PR front, both claiming to be the leading music destination online.

Vevo would not be the first to attempt a resurgence of cable-based music videos. Music Choice in February launched SWRV, a sort of crowd-sourced music video network that lets users not only program playlists but also appear on air. Cox Communications is the first to air the network.