The web is not dead, it's just gone mobile, said Motorola Mobile Devices vice president Christy Wyatt, giving a keynote speech at the Music App summit of Billboard's Mobile Entertainment Live today in San Francisco.

Motorola has gone all-in on the Android mobile operating system, releasing 17 Android-based models. But Motorola finds the app store model lacking. While contemporary magazines such as Wired have noted that web usage is shrinking compared to closed-garden approaches like discrete apps, Wyatt said, “we fundamentally believe the platform is going to be the Internet.”

She noted her child doesn't want to use apps, she wants to use a mobile browser, which is fast-replacing conventional desktop browser usage. Instead of building an app store, Motorola has essentially made the phone the app through Moto Blur, which integrates data sources like Facebook and Twitter into every aspect of the phone. Moto Blur has three million subscribers, Wyatt said.

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