Paid iPhone auto-tuning app “I Am T-Pain” has sold over two million downloads, Ge Wang co-founder, CTO, and chief creative officer of Smule told audiences at the Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live Music App Summit today in San Francisco.

The No. 1 paid iPhone app was the second Smule app to break two million, after prior hit Ocarina, which turns the iPhone into a playable flute.

Wang's an assistant professor at the Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. He said designers need to develop backward from a mobile device's strengths and weaknesses, not shoehorn a whiteboard idea onto a mobile device.

Wang said smart phones have brought about an era of ubiquitous computing that has the potential to democratize music making. “We might be going back to a time when music making is as much entertainment for everyone as it is right now reserved for [professionals].”

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