Jennie Smythe is the CEO of Nashville-based Girlilla Marketing, a full service strategic digital marketing firm. In this post she talks about the trends and companies she's watching right now.

Geesh, that’s the keyword, isn’t it? You hear people saying ‘apps’ like they used to say ‘viral’ or ‘widget’. Despite the irritating banter coming from people we are pretty sure don’t even use them, apps are indeed a huge part of our strategy and have solidified their place in our marketing vernacular. For music, we are lovin’ us some Mobile Roadie who offer a simple to build/use/maintain white label app with amazing data. For our local business clients, Yowza is our favorite by far for coupons and specials. We also began using the Happy Hours app on iTunes this summer, which is not only great for our restaurant clients, but also equally fun for Girlilla’s to do research with.

Hands down, there is only one leader in this space currently in our opinion and that is Topspin. Here’s what you need to know: It’s easy, it’s fun and the data is great. If that’s not enough (insert infomercial voice here), Mobile Roadie works in conjunction with them so all of these systems are working together.

Nashville based Emma is still the queen in our books. We are forced to work with other companies with some of our clients and it makes us long for our homegirl, Emma. Still the easiest interface, most simple geotargeting and very easy to understand reporting.

Mozes is flexible, the people who work there are always there to help and the company is super effective on the road for contests, offers and communication.

-- Jennie Smythe