It looks like Sugarland could be on its way to sweetening the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart next week with its third No. 1 album. Industry sources suggest the duo's new album, "The Incredible Machine," will sell perhaps 210,000 to 220,000 by week's end on Oct. 24.

The country act previously topped the chart with 2008's "Love On the Inside" and the 2009 Walmart-exclusive "Live On the Inside." "Love" was their last studio release, and it opened at No. 2 with a career-high sales week of 313,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan, before climbing to No. 1 the next week with 171,000.

Next week's No. 2 set will probably be Kings of Leon's fifth studio effort, "Come Around Sundown," with perhaps 180,000 to 190,000. But -- and there's always a but -- if the week shakes out differently and Sugarland's projection doesn't pan out, Kings of Leon could be kings of the chart for the first time.

"Sundown" is the follow-up to their breakthrough 2008 set "Only By the Night," which bowed at No. 5 with their best sales week (74,000), but peaked at No. 4 nearly a year later, in September 2009, at the height of the popularity of its single "Use Somebody." The song would later go on to win the Grammy award for record of the year in January 2010.

Each of the band's albums have posted successively higher peaks. Its 2003 debut "Youth & Young Manhood" topped out at No. 113 and 2005's "Aha Shake Heartbreak" hit No. 55, while 2007's "Because of the Times" halted at No. 25.

Other albums on course for a top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 next week include the "Glee" soundtrack to its "Rocky Horror 'Glee' Show" episode (airing Oct. 26), Elton John and Leon Russell's "Union," Shakira's "Sale el Sol" and Rod Stewart's "Fly Me to the Moon -- The Great American Songbook V."