What movie this year had the best music? That's what we asked attendees at the Film and TV Conference on Wednesday, and below are the varied results. Almost everyone we asked struggled to remember which films came out this year and which ones they’d seen. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, as Charlie Clouser during the Rockstar Composer panel noted he forgets about the music if it all works together, "for most of my favorite movies, I couldn’t even tell you if there is music in it."

From those that could remember, sort of:

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World"
Island Def Jam senior VP film and TV soundtracks Jonathan McHugh said he liked the Beatles song used at the end of Social Network. He didn’t see Scott Pilgrim, but “I liked the music a lot. I did not see it. I have the soundtrack.”

"Eat, Pray, Love"
Mark Nguyen of Planet LA says “the music was very diverse,” the songs matched the country Robert’s character Liz was traveling in. “Ryan Murphy of Glee was the directory so I think that’s why it was so well-synched.”

"The Single Man"
Ray Yee of BMI said the music was “appropriate for the film. It wasn’t necessarily the biggest score, but the "best” for the film.

"Enter the Void"
Jonathan Miller, film composer, saids he liked the “disturbing sound design-y film score.” He says the director gave this French film a “throbby electronic score.”

"The Social Network"
Fletcher Beasly said the music for it “worked,” in particular the rowing scene “was amazing, pretty effective.”

Music supervisor Allison Clark said she liked how the music was “weaved in with the characters in the story line.”

Musician Marisha Shahane said the "Inception" scenes with Marion Cotillard “seemed to inspire a lot of the score.”

-- Jennifer Netherby

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