App developers Smule—creators of the wildly popular “I Am T-Pain” app—introduced their latest virtual instrument for the iPad in the form of Magic Fiddle.

As the title suggests, the app is a virtual violin, allowing users to simulate playing a violin by following on-screen colored prompts for any one of 20 songs included. Techniques include plucking, bowing, and more advanced elements like trill, vibrato and glissandi. And an 8-chapter Storybook interactive lesson teaches various stles via game-like activities and detailed instructions. Check out the app in action.

Magic Fiddle is very similar to Smule’s debut iPad app—Magic Piano. Both rely on tapping on-screen lights to help users feel as if they are really playing the instrument, with other modes that facilitate instruction. Like all Smule apps, Magic Fiddle also has a community element, using the iPad’s Internet connection to let users compare high scores, earn badges by achieving certain challenges, and broadcast their performances to anyone online at the time. Users can also listen and rate the broadcasts of others, “like” songs, or simply listen.

Smule has carved out a distinct niche in the mobile app market by focusing on apps that turn either the iPhone or iPad into a virtual instrument. Its Ocarina app turns the iPhone into a flute-like instrument. Leaf Trombone mimics a trombone. I Am T-Pain let users Auto-Tune their voice. Magic Piano focued on the keyboards.

The company is one of the more successful app developers, having sold millions of apps and even more downloads via in-app purchases. It won the Best Music Creation App category with “I Am T-Pain” at Billboard’s Music App Awards last month.

To learn more, check out this video of Smule founder Ge Wang discussing his app creative and business philosophies with Billboard’s Bill Werde, or this earlier interview.