Todd Meagher and TODD Entertainment, former manager of Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd, have sued The Agency Group and TKO President Andrew Goodfriend for “fraud, negligence, false representations, breach of fiduciary duty, unconscionability and breach of implied warranties,” seeking $20 million in damages.

The suit, which was filed under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act, alleges that Goodfriend charged commissions for numerous performances that he neither negotiated nor procured for Josh Todd when Todd was on hiatus from Buckcherry dating back to 2003 when Goodfriend was with the Agency Group.

Meagher’s attorney Buck McKinney of the Law Office of Buck McKinney, PC in Austin, Texas, says in a statement, “I’ve never seen a case where a talent agent has so blatantly led his clients down the primrose path. Essentially, Andrew Goodfriend lured my clients and others into doing his work for him, charged my clients for the services as if he had performed them, and then turned my clients in to the California Labor Commission for performing unlicensed talent agent’s services.”

“This case reflects nothing more than Mr. Meagher's continued litigiousness and willingness to make baseless allegations,” says Hilary L. Preston, an attorney representing Goodfriend in this case. “This is now the sixth lawsuit filed by Mr. Meagher based on this same set of issues. Like each of the cases before it, this case is meritless. Andrew Goodfriend is a well-respected agent in the music industry, and we intend to vigorously defend against Mr. Meagher's latest set of claims.”

Attorney James Key, with the law firm of Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C. in Fort Worth, Texas, another firm representing Todd Entertainment, LLC stated, “the actions of The Agency Group and Andrew Goodfriend are exactly why we have the Deceptive Trade Practices Act in Texas.”

TKO was formed in 2005 by former TAG agent David Kirby, who died earlier this year, with Goodfriend being named president. Josh Todd left Meagher’s company in 2004 and re-joined Buckcherry and resulting in legal disputes between Meagher and Todd which are still ongoing.

Buckcherry is booked by TKO.