Alicia Keys has organized a number of artists, actors and others to hold off from contributing to all social media until $1 million is raised for her Keep a Child Alive charity.

The move, timed to coincide with World Aids Day this coming Wednesday, has participants ceasing all Twitter, Facebook and other digital activity until the goal is met. To promote the stunt, they are preparing digital “wills” of sorts and will appear in coffins in ads and videos to represent their “digital death.”

It’s a unique use of the power of social media, essentially a call to action by omission. It will be interesting to see just what affect depriving fans of digital contact will be. Leigh Blake, co-founder of Keep a Chile Alive, told the AP he felt Lady Gaga alone could move fans to donate the needed sum, seeing as she has 7.2 million Twitter followers and almost 24 million Facebook friends and “likes.”

Participating artists include Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, Swizz Beatz and various actors and other celebrities, and Keys hope more will join as the data approaches.