Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, always an early technology adopter, is aiming to mimic the location-based app experience with a new iPhone app, SouljaWorld.

The app, which will be released Nov. 30 alongside his new album “The DeAndre Way,” is Foursquare-like and lets fans check-in from various locations and earn virtual badges as a result. Only the app doesn’t call them badges, but rather “tattoos” or “swag.”

The app also includes the typical artist-based information like tour dates, updates on new music and video releases and so on. It’s also integrated with Soulja’s website, where fans can create profiles and interact with other fans.

The app uses location technology from start-up developer Double Dutch rather than working with the far larger and more popular Foursquare. That move saves Soulja and label Interscope some development costs and provides them with more flexibility over how the app is integrated into the artists’ ongoing social media efforts. But it also denies them access to more than 4 million Foursquare members.

That doesn’t seem to be a concern, as Soulja and his team seem to think his fanbase are not currently using Foursquare. From the release:
"The app introduces geolocation technology to an entirely new demographic that extends even beyond Soulja Boy fans. SouljaWorld is geared toward a more youthful and, perhaps, cooler demographic than other similar applications of its kind."

It’s surprising that it’s taken this long for an artists to jump on board the mobile geolocation bandwagon. But don’t expect it to be the last.