Vevo Leapfrogs Viacom in Online Video Rankings

- comScore's U.S. online video rankings for November 2010 show that Vevo ranks Number 3 in total unique viewers with 50.3 million. Viacom Digital, which includes, and, ranks Number 4 with 47.7 million. In October, Viacom Digital had the edge at 52.9 million to 47.6 million.

Vevo's 261.4 million viewing sessions in the month were 10.3 million more than Viacom Digital. But Vevo enjoyed a big lead over Viacom Digital in minutes per viewer - 85.4 to 30.2. That's a solid jump for Vevo and a big drop for Viacom Digital. In October, Vevo had 77.9 minutes per viewer and Viacom Digital had 53.7.

Replacing Hulu at Number 10 in November was Turner Digital with 27.7 million total unique viewers.

( comScore)'s Steep Album Discounts Have Little Impact On Market Share or iTunes' Dominance isn't making much of a dent in iTunes' music download dominance, writes Ethan Smith and Geoffrey A. Fowler at the Wall Street Journal. As Billboard has noted many times, offers steep discounts on some MP3 albums. These sale prices on major new releases even attracted the ire of iTunes, according to Billboard. But as I noted earlier this month in a post about Kanye West's $3.99 sale price, low sale prices alone won't help make a significant source of a typical album's digital sales. If people want cheap music, they don't appear to want it as bad as they want the convenience and peace of mind that comes with shopping at a more familiar store.

Wrote Smith and Fowler on market share: "Amazon's share of the paid digital-download market rose to 13.3% in the third quarter, from 11% the year earlier, according to estimates from research firm NPD Group. Meanwhile, iTunes' share rose to 66.2%, from 63.2%. Distribution executives at record labels say the disparity between the two may be even steeper, with Amazon commanding just 6% to 10% of the market in any given week, and Apple closer to 90%."

Estimates of iTunes' market share, however, will vary according to who you ask. iTunes tends to account for less of total digital sales for an indie rock label than a country label, for example. Some types of music have more download stores to sell their product at than others (eMusic, for example, is not a country music powerhouse). In the end, it's best to take an estimate of total market share, not any one label or distributor's market share.

( Wall Street Journal)

MySpace and ReverbNation's FanReach Join Forces

MySpace is now integtrating ReverbNation's FanReach so users can use the fan management application within the MySpace dashboard. This allows an artist to send the same message to both a ReverbNation email list and a MySpace distribution list. The integration also makes it easy for MySpace users to insert a "join our mailing list" module into a MySpace page.

FanReach is a free tool. A premium version called FanReach Pro is also available and is priced based on the quantity of an artist's fans. For example, the monthly cost is $29.95 for 5,001 to 10,000 fans and $149.95 for 50,001 to 100,000 fans.

( ReverbNation blog)

Chrysalis chairman Chris Wright on EMI's Assets and Terra Firma's Mistakes

Chris Wright, chairman of music publisher Chrysalis, who will take a key role at BMG Rights Management's UK operations: "There are some very good assets at EMI and EMI Music is a very good company. We should not lose sight of that. If BMG is ever in the position to buy it then I think they should. I think it would be the right thing to do."

And later, on running an artist-driven business: "Terra Firma has made some mistakes. The first is the message they sent out to the creative community that the artists are all lazy and have to work harder. You wouldn't say that publicly to a blue collar workforce, let alone to a bunch of sensitive artists who feel they're doing the company a favour by being there."

( The Telegraph)