A new report on mobile music apps from research group Nielsen breaks down the activity and interest in music apps by type-such as streaming, artist apps, discovery apps, touring apps and so on.

In North America, music discovery apps lead the way, followed by streaming music apps, artist apps, and then live concert apps. But that's not reflected worldwide. For instance in Latin America, while music discovery apps remain in first, live concert apps rank second, followed by artist apps and streaming apps in a virtual tie.

Part of this disparity could come from the fact that 54% of Latin American respondents didn't know what streaming music services were, the lowest awareness rate in the survey. The report also covers Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

Of those interested in streaming music services, most wanted to get it free in return for viewing or listening to advertising or providing personal information in exchange. And of those surveyed, 22% own a smartphone now and another 22% plan to get on in the next year. Worldwide, 83% were familiar with the mobile app concept.

The full report is available here.