In yet another implementation of digital music services into vehicles, automotive supplier Visteon has created a prototype car stereo unit that allows users to stream the MOG service in their cars. The company is showing off the prototype at CES in Las Vegas, and more details will be coming once we've gotten the chance to check it out for ourselves.

The Visteon integration is part of a broader effort from MOG called Fusion, a developer program designed to give manufacturers of consumer electronic devices and in-car stereos the ability to integrate the MOG service into their products. The Fusion program provides participating manufacturers with all necessary APIs for such functions as:

-- Catalog search and browse
-- Playback and content security
-- Playlisting and favoriting
-- User history and preferences
-- Associated music meta data and popularity information

It also provides implementation guidelines, best practice samples, certification requirements and user interface specifications needed to replicate the MOG experience. But not just anybody can participate. MOG will evaluate partners based on how many devices they can get into the market, how well they implement the MOG service, and how prominently they feature the MOG service in their products.