Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai

CANNES, France - The crowd that came to see Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai talk about how the music industry can best use Foursquare, the popular check-in app, walked away disappointed.

For attendees perhaps not familiar with the service, it was a nice overview of what it does and how it works. But for those who wanted more details and more music-specific applications, there were more hints than answers.

Towards the end of his chat with mobile music expert Ralph Simon, Selvadurai mentioned the use of sponsored tips, where brands can offer suggestions and information about a certain place once a user checks in. So, for instance, the History Channel currently provides historical information for certain locales near where a Foursquare user checks in from.

While he didn't connect the dots himself, it's not hard to extrapolate how music could be incorporated in similar ways -- such as highlighting nearby venues, music retailers or places where famous artists found inspiration. Foursquare could even integrate other location-based music apps such Soundtrakr into its platform, but that was not discussed.

Selvadurai did briefly mention incorporating recommendations into Foursquare, which would take data compiled on where each user checked in from and provide recommendations on new places to visit. But again, he offered no scenarios for how the music industry could avail itself of this feature.

The Twitter stream displayed on the screen above the stage erupted in protest, but alas, with only 15 minutes to talk, the session ended with most in the crowd left unsatisfied.