Verizon sold out of iPhones pre-orders less than a day after it began allowing current customers to order the Apple smartphone, according to

A note on the telecommunication's website confirmed that Verizon is "no longer taking pre-sale orders." Those who want to purchase the Verizon iPhone will now have to wait until Feb. 9 to buy online or Feb. 10 to buy in stores.

Reports yesterday said Verizon's website was overloaded with orders and that the company asked employees and their families not to purchase advance orders of the iPhone in order to accommodate the high demand.

Part of the explanation for the strong consumer reaction may lie in the complaints of iPhone users who have had contracts with AT&T, Apple's exclusive service provider since 2007. Their primary grievance concerned the poor phone reception and dropped calls.

A side-by-side comparison of the two companies' iPhones on yesterday's .biz (as well as one by New York Times tech columnist David Pogue) concluded that Verizon's version does indeed have better phone reception. The new Verizon iPhones, however, are unable to handle web data while the phone is in use.

No matter the pros and cons of each, rejoice Apple iPhone users in new options available for service providers as well as for entirely new operating systems sure to make choice and improvements for smartphones now and in the coming years better than ever.